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Training at Schiedel Isokern

Recently the team undertook CPD training at the Schiedel Isokern UK Headquarters in Poole.

Schiedel Isokern is the only pumice based chimney systems on the UK market. They are superior and natural alternative to other systems on the market. 90% of the product is made from natural pumice stone from the Hekla volcano in Iceland. and can withstand a greater heat.

The team also learnt how the chimney systems are to be constructed on site, with ease from the excellently displayed showroom. It gave a great insight to what the systems look like in the flesh and how lightweight and simple they are to construct.

The day finished with a test which we all gained our certificates. Special mention goes to Darren who passed with 100% success.

The team would like to thank John Read and Simon Saunders for providing fantastic training.



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