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Lightweight Pre-fabricated Chimney Stacks

Pre-fabricated Chimney Stacks

No stove, no external chimney but still want your roof line view to look like you have a chimney? Maybe it is a planning requirement ensuring the aesthetics are in keeping with the local street scene? Not a problem - we have the solution!

We have a range of decorative stacks with or without an integrated length of twinwall chimney system included so a stove can be connected.

  • Prices from £515.00+VAT

  • Volume discounts available.

  • A choice of finishes are available, including lightweight brickslip, roughcast render or simply painted. 

  • All chimney stacks are fabricated using a lightweight metal construction reducing the need for onsite cranes.

  • The non combustible metal construction allows the chimney stack to be connected to a stove.

  • The Zenith chimney stack comes with pre-installed lifting eyes, to allow a simple and safe lift to its roof top position.

  • Easily installed directly onto the roof battens reducing the need for additional roof carpentry and labour.

  • The included flashing kit to suit the roof pitch and tile type removes the need for expensive leadwork and provides a weather-tight installation

  • All chimney stacks are made to order and usually delivered within 3 weeks.

Easy to Install

This is a Zenith ridge mounted chimney stack with a brick-slip finish. It is one of the larger pre-fabricated chimney stacks. The Zenith chimney stack comes with pre-installed lifting eyes, to allow a simple and safe lift to its roof position. Flashing, malleable skirt and fixing kit is included for easy installation.

Style Options

There are many different style options you can choose from. One pot to four pot, traditional or continental style. Square or rectangular, slope or ridge mounted.

Chimney Stacks - Option 1.jpg
Chimney Stacks - Option 2.jpg
Finish Options

Choose from three finish options; painted, roughcast or brick slips.

Chimney Stacks - Brick Slips.jpg

For product supply and pricing information please contact us. If you would like to see how lightweight and easy it is to install a pre-fabricated chimney stack at our information suite, please book a demonstration.

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