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Fabulous Pre-Fab Chimney Stacks

Lynne and Charlotte from the Sales Team went to Poujoulat UK Ltd to find out more about pre-fabricated chimney stacks.

Poujoulat have a diverse range of pre-fabricated chimney stacks which look like traditionally built brick chimneys. With 16 standard silicon brick slip options and many more printed slip options available there is something for everyone. In wet conditions the bricks on the chimney stacks blends colour making it an aesthetically pleasing option over standard GRP stacks.

> Clean - No requirement to point the brickwork

> Quick to Install

> Safer - Less time working at height

> Minimise Costs - Being lightweight means minimal use of plant equipment is required and less labour time is needed.

They come in various size options and configurations available too; single, double or a four pot, sloped or ridge mounted. Installation happens after the roof has been felt and battened.

All come with a 10 year AXA backed guarantee.



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