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Appointed Rayburn Heat Centre

FuelSmart Technologies Ltd have become a Rayburn Heat Centre. We have three models on display in our Information Centre in Hampshire for the trade and their clients to visit.

All display models are fully combined cooking, domestic hot water and central heating systems.

355 SFW - This compact design has a hotplate large enough to hold 5 sauce pans. Powered by solid fuel and wood.

480 AL (CF) - Compatible with standard worktop heights and depths this also has a hotplate that can accommodate 5 saucepans. As well as the capability of heating an average of 16 radiators.

680K - Ideal for the cook with a main oven 16% larger than smaller models and with enough space for 8 saucepans. Advanced digital controls make the Rayburn fully programmable to come on automatically when you need it.

To book an appointment please contact the office: 01489 881285



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