Rayburn 355 SFW

Rayburn 355 SFW

300 Series

Compact performance with ultimate flexibility.

Offering ultimate flexibility and performance, the AGA Rayburn 300 models work well in both traditional and contemporary spaces and deliver exceptional performance. You can choose to use models from this range for simply cooking, cooking and hot water or as a fully combined cooking, hot water and central heating system.


A generous hotplate takes up to five saucepans and is complemented by a main cooking oven and large warming oven.


Overall Dimensions:

Height: 815mm

Width: 905mm

Depth: 542mm



Manufactured smokeless fuel (MSF), Wood or Peat


Cooking, domestic hot water (DHW) & central heating


Cast-iron main oven and cast-iron lower warming oven


Manual & Thermostatic

Flue System:


Central Heating Hot Water System:

Gravity DHW & pumped open heating systems

Hot Water Storage:

190 Litres (40 Gallons)

Boiler Output:

40,000Btu/h (based on burning MSF, 3hr refuelling cycle)


Average no. of radiators (typically 1.5kW output): 8

Rapid Response:


Electricity Supply Required:





Price includes VAT


Delivery Charge: Home delivery to UK mainland (excluding Northern Ireland) and those islands connected by a land bridge - e.g. Skye and Anglesey is at an additional cost of £250 (ex VAT).

An AGA Rayburn must always be installed and commissioned by a qualified heating engineer.

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